Buying a House on Tyne Side

Housing stock in the Gateshead and Newcastle area has seen the proportion of detached properties rise in recent years to 8%. Likewise there has been an increase in the number of flats and waterside apartments to 25%.

This has been the result of increasing house prices in the South East of England, the ever growing demand for housing and the impact of housing market renewal programmes. Tyneside and properties up North, after withstanding the recent housing crash, are showing a slow and steady climb in terms of price, variety and quality.

The Newcastle Gateshead SHMA (Strategic Housing Market Assessment) forms part of the evidence base, along with other information, to inform the emerging Local Development Framework and the Joint Core Strategy, so as to produce a regional area Housing market Plan.

Looking back on recent housing market renewal plans, the clear message to emerge is the need to listen to the local community, to understand their views and aspirations.


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  • Trouble began at Birch Grove, South Tyneside with row over Christmas tree
  • Elderly residents intimidated by rowdy behaviour of two tenants
  • Managers called in 24-hour security guard at first to calm atmosphere
  • Now the guard's gone but residents are still said to be fearful

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